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Hypertrophy. READ THIS FIRST!

If we're going to do this properly we need to start from the beginning. So, from next week Club Revive's Hypertrophy programming will take on a new look.

I will be posting 4 weeks of programming, or "micro-cycles".

Each of these 4 week blocks has it's own purpose, like stepping stones that will progress you towards a 12 week or "meso-cycle" goal.

Each meso-cycle has it's own specific focus that will prepare and move you towards your 12 month "macro-cycle" goals.

Starting out this programming might seem fundamental, and for many of you it may be, but, typically as we become more advanced in lifting we tend to over complicate our sessions, or worse, become lazy, neglecting important "muscle building" areas of our body while over training others, resulting in NO GAINS.

My recommendation, if you're interested in building muscle, regardless of your training experience is to start at day dot and progress through the weeks focusing on building good training habits and consistency.

If you consider yourself beginner to intermediate, this first 12-24 weeks is extremely important for you, focus on building your confidence with moving weight, grow your understanding of technique and get your diet in check.

If you are more advanced in your training your focus is on fine tuning technique and challenging yourself with your weight selection, muscle will come in these early stages.

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