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Hypertrophy Program (weeks 5-8) READ THIS FIRST!

In this second Micro-Cycle (4 week block) we will be building on the foundation laid during the first 4 weeks.

My goal this month is to get you more familiar with different "free weight" movements and promote to you the importance of the core during weight training and life in general (weak core = weak body).

Instead of alternating between 2 days there are now 3 different days to the program. Day 1 and Day 2 include all your "big" movements OR Compound movements. Compound movements contract multiple muscles each rep and are great for building mass and strength while the third day is more focused on Isolation of specific muscle groups.

Sets will remain at 3-5, beginner to intermediate trainers will start with 3 and progress to 4 sets when you feel it is possible, remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Advanced trainers should start with 4 sets and progress to 5 when ready.

Repetitions will change to 8-12. What i want you to do is find a weight in the first week that makes it hard to get 8 or 9 reps, then try to progress your reps to the 12 through the 4 weeks using that same weight.

Next month, in Micro-Cycle #3, for those that are able, I will be adding a fourth day to your training and the program will be split specifically for the 4 days.

ADVANCED TRAINERS: During the last 2 weeks of this cycle feel free to introduce a fourth day to your week, still cycling through the 3 days programmed.


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