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We stock all your Favourite Supplements!

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Come in and talk to one of our personal trainers to discuss the benefits of our supplements.

We currently stock True Protein, housing a range of their proteins in loads of flavours, protein bars, creatine, mug cakes and hot chocolate protein powder. True protein was foundered in 2014, made with real ingredients, each product has an amazing taste free of any unnecessary additives. Click on the True logo below to head straight to their site and see the full range.
Our second product, and most sought-after, is Fitaid. Fitaid  is a supercharged drink to aid perfomance and recovery. Formulated with only the finest natural ingredients it helps with muscle recovery, joint health, building your immunity, cardio vascular support, muscle stamina & energy/endurance. Link on the True link below for access to the full product range. 

Find something you like, just let the staff know and we can order it in for you!


Han and Cody
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