Day 3 - Build Muscle (30th Jul-4th Aug)


2 rounds of:

400m X-Trainer

10 Banded Squats (2 seconds down, 1 second up. Push your knees out against the resistance of the band as you get to the bottom of each squat)

15 Banded Straight arm Pushdowns

10 Dumbbell External Rotations - each arm (light Dumbbell)


Back Squats







*Rest 2-5 minutes between sets


Shoulder Press

*All reps and percentages as the Back Squats

5 sets of:

10 Bulgarian Split Squats - each leg (add a dumbbell in each hand if possible)

20 Leg Extensions

As Many Rounds As you can in 18 minutes of:

12 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

20 Barbell Bicep Curls

12 Supported Row

20 GHD Sit ups

*Only rest when needed.

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