Day 2 - Strength & Conditioning (5th-10th Mar)


3 sets of:

:20 second Pec Stretch (L)

15 Thoracic (upper back) foam roll (hug yourself, roll slowly)

:20 second Pec Stretch (R)

3 sets focusing on quality:

15 Air Squats

15 Banded Romanian Deadlifts

15 Push ups

4 sets of:

3 pausing Front Squats (2 second pause at the bottom)

:20 second Side Plank (change sides on the Plank each round)

3 sets of:

6 Single Leg Squats to box (each side)

12 Banded Squats

4 rounds of:

10 Calories on the Assault Bike

30m Kettle Bell Farmer Carry

:30 second Deadball Hold

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