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Day 1 - Build Muscle (7th-12th May)


2 rounds of:

6 Plank to press

15 Banded Pull aparts

10 PVC Pass throughs


This is your re-test, bring your A-Game and get the best numbers you can.

Bench Press

Build to a Max 1 Rep

Parallel bar Dips

Build to a heavy 1 rep

Parallel Bar Dip

1 set for max repetitions

4 sets of:

20-30 second Pec Deck Hold (squeeze each arm in till they touch and hold)

:15 second rest

15 Bar Tricep Pushdowns (Use the new cable machine in the back room, attach the long bar that connects to both cables)

:60-:90 seconds rest

4 rounds of:

6-8 Dumbbell Bench Press'

:15 second rest

15 Dumbbell Chest Flyes

:15 second rest

Max Push ups (no pausing or resting)

2 minute second rest

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