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Day 1 - Build Muscle (19th-24th Mar)

Big week this week guys, bring your A-game and make sure the numbers you are hitting on the strength sections are the best you have. You will need a spotter for the Bench Press and I want you to do your Squat inside the cage, come and see me for help.



3 sets of:

5 pausing Dumbbell Flyes - pausing for 5 seconds at the stretch point (light)


Spend 5 minutes on your preferred Bench Press and Dip warm up.


Bench Press - Build to your 1 Rep max

*Give the Bench and dips a lot of respect today, rest well between efforts and push to your limit, the numbers you achieve will have an effect on the next 6-8 weeks of your training.


Parallel Bar Dips - Build to your 1 Rep max

Then: after a good rest, complete 1 set for max repetitions of Parallel Bar Dips at body weight.


3 sets of:

10 Cable Flyes (low to high)

straight into

:60 seconds rest

10 Cable Flyes (high to low)

straight into

12 Single Arm Rope Tricep Pushdowns (L)

:60 seconds rest

*Find a challenging weight on round 1 and push yourself to hold it.


4 sets of:

8 One Arm Cable Rows (each arm)

straight into

:90 seconds rest

*Make sure the weights are tough.

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