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Day 1 Build Muscle (12th-17th Mar)

These first 3 weeks I have been preping you for a sequence of max lifts. Those max lifts are coming next week.

The numbers that we collect from next weeks "testing" will be the foundation of our training through the next cycle.



3 rounds, no rest:

10 Push up Plus

10 External Rotations

10 Dumbbell Flyes (light)


Bench Press - 2/2/2/2/2

(Hit a couple of warm up sets before your first 2)


4 sets of:

10-12 Incline Smith Machine Bench Press

straight in to

12 Ring Rows

:60 - :90 seconds rest

(Choose challenging weight for the Press)


4 sets of:

12 Parallel Bar Dips (add weight if possible)

:30 seconds rest

12 Power Push ups

:60 - :90 seconds rest


4 rounds of:

12 Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

15 Pec Deck

15 French Press'

:90 seconds rest

(Move with purpose between movements)

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