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Was planning on giving a couple of named workouts a go, but, this has been our tradition for the last 3 years so here we go.

this workout runs like the "12 Days of Christmas' song, on the first round you do only the Rope Climb, on the second round you complete the Muscle ups then the Rope Climb, on the third round you complete the HSPU then the Muscle ups then the Rope Climb, etc... until you complete the full round of 12 exercises starting from the Overhead Squats and finishing on the Rope Climb "the Partridge in the Pear Tree".


"And a Partridge in a Pear Tree"

1 Rope Climb

2 Muscle Ups

3 Handstand Push ups

4 Knees to Elbows

5 Burpee Box Jump Overs - 10/8 planks

6 Pull ups

7 K/B Swings - 24/16kg

8 Wall Ball Shots - 20/14lb

9 Thrusters - 52.5/35kg

10 Dumbell Snatches - 60/40lb

11 Double Unders

12 Overhead Squats - 52.5/35kg

Final standings for the "10 Day Partner Chrissy Challenge"

1st and Winner of the 2015 Chrissy Challenge NICKO HEDGER (82)


3rd KAHLA HANNAH (142)

4th Amanda (143)

5th Sonya (158)

6th Rach.S (159)

6th Candy (159)

8th Tenille (204)

9th Renee (208)

10th Rog (215)

11th Steve (216)

12th Alan (234)

12th Rach.D.C (234)

14th Kirsty (238)

15th Farnsy (244)

16th Chad (246)

16th Tim (246)

18th Leanne (256)

18th Natty (256)

20th Mitch.C (269)

21st Skin (278)

22nd Brian (280)

22nd Brendon (280)

24th Vanessa (288)

24th Henri (288)

26th Maz (290)

27th Gemma (295)

28th Brooke (299)

29th Lauren (308)

30th Bec.H (320)

30th Danni (320)

32nd Gail (322)

33rd Emily (324)

33rd Katie (324)

33rd Julie (324)

36th Frank (335)

37th Josh (335)

38th Omar (341)

Congratulations to everyone on gettng through some crazy WODs, you guys go off!

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