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Friday 11/12/15


"Partner Chrissy Challenge" WOD 2

Competitor 1, then competitor 2 completes A.M.R.A.P in 7 minutes of:

5 Burpees

5 Hang Cleans (ascending weight) - 30/20 - 40/30 - 50/35 - 60/40 - 70/50 - 80/55 - 90/60kg

Score is max accumulated weight.

2 bars per team.

Once you have achieved your max weight you may continue using that weight on your turn to add to your total.

If you get to the last weight continue using that weight on your turn until the time cap has elapsed.

Rest 5 minutes, then:

One competitor runs while one competitor rests on the following distances:










For time

Time Cap - 35 minutes

Both competitors must run each distance before moving onto the next.

if workout isn't completed score is total distance covered.

If you have time left on the clock but know you will not make the distance you may run 10m shuttle sprints inside the box for bonus meters.

Leaderboard after day 1

1st (2) Nick

2nd (8) Bec

2nd (8) Amanda

4th (10) Farnsy

4th (10) Mitch.C

6th (14) Rach.S

6th (14) Candy

8th (16) Natty

8th (16) Rach.D.C

10th (18) Chad

10th (18) Roger

12th (20) Frank

12th (20) Josh

14th (26) Tim

14th (26) Omar

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