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Here at CrossFit Uplift we proudly partner with CompTrain's CrossFit programming. CompTrain is a program designed for people that understand the key components of competting at an elite level. The program is desinged to keep client committed to performing better by choosing a goal and pushing yourself to acheive it. The program is divided into three categories. Talk to our coaches today to pick which path is best suited to your individual goals.

COMPETE: This track is specifically for those who want to compete in the sport of fitness.

SWEAT: For those who come to the gym for fitness, health, fat loss, etc that aren't into the competitive side of CrossFit.

TRAIN: This is your track if you are aiming to increase strength and fitness for other sports outside of CrossFit. Your doing CrossFit to be better at Hockey, Football, Tennis, Running, etc...

Just like our Club Revive programming we present our CrossFit CompTrain program through the SugarWOD app. Click on the SuagrWOD picture to access to download link. 

SugarWOD combines all the best features of an app to connect athletes to their gym. The app send mobile alerts when a WOD from your gym is posted. It also allows you to post your results, tracks PRs and connect with friends. You can also comment and fist bump your friends results for encouragement. 

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