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Club Revive's online programming

In partnership with the innovative and easy to use fitness app Sugarwod, we are keen to support your training needs with our 3 goal based training programs:

  • Strength & Conditioning - (5 days per week) Designed to make you Strong, Fit and Mobile for life.
  • Fitness - (3 days per week) For those looking to increase their overall Aerobic Fitness, Health & Wellbeing.
  • Weight Loss - (3 days per week) Calorie burning workouts, built to hit the right spots. 


Each program is complete with movement videos, demonstrating all exercises, just in case you're not 100% sure! Although we always recommend asking our staff when you need any assistance.

You will be able to log and track your progress as well as communicate with others following the same program!

Come to reception, or message us directly to find out which program is best suited to you and your goals.
We will give you a member access code to finalise your registration.
Click on SugarWOD Logo below for a link to download the app. 
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