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Weight Loss & Tone - Day 2 (15th-21st April)

🔥Warm up🔥

300m cardio (treadmill, bike or row)

25 squats

200m cardio

25 crunches / sit ups

100m cardio

25 push ups


7 min A.M.R.A.P of (as many rounds as possible in the time)

10 calories Row or air assault bike

15 box jumps / step ups

10 weighted Sit ups (hold weight plate or ball)

rest 2 mins


7 min A.M.R.A.P of

10 kettlebell swings 12kg/16kg

15 double squat jumps

10 tricep dips 👉🏻

🌞Cool down

5 mins rowing 50% of max effort

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