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Day 3 - Build Muscle (28th May-2nd Jun)


3 rounds of:

Bike 400m

8 Behind the head Shoulder Press (empty bar)

10 Banded pass throughs


Back Squat 4 sets of 6-10 repetitions @ less than or equal to 70% of your best lift.

:70 seconds rest between sets

*Tempo on each rep is 4 seconds down, 1 second up

Shoulder Press

*Sets, reps, rests and tempo same as Back Squats

4 sets of:

10-15 Leg Extensions

:15 seconds rest

8-12 Dumbbell Shoulder Press

:60-:90 seconds rest

4 sets of:

20 Dumbbell Front raises

20 Reverse Flyes

*Rest as needed but keep it to a minimum.


3 sets of:

:45 seconds Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs

:45 seconds Dumbbell Backward Stepping Lunges (alternating legs)

:60 seconds rest

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