DAY 1 - Build Muscle (26th Feb - 3rd Mar)

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Hey guys,

I would like to officially welcome you to Club Revives Hypertrophy programming.

From this first session i want you to think of your training like you're starting a new. The training might be very different to what you're used to, but i back my knowledge 100%, if you stick to it this program will help you grow.

During each year we will be breaking your training up into "Cycles". Each cycle will last from 4-12 weeks and will have a specific focus.

Throughout this first cycle (4 weeks) we will be learning how to structure our sessions, we will be learning how "Prehabilitate" and "Bullet Proof" our bodies, to go heavy and eventually we will build to a 1 rep max on your Strength lifts.

Commit yourself to stick to the rest periods allocated on the Supersets, make sure each set is challenging you; say the repetitions ask for 10-12, if you can't hit 10 it's too heavy, if you could get more than 12 it's too light.

Good Luck guys, rip in! It's time to see some real results.


3 rounds of:

15 Banded Pull aparts

10 Push up Plus'

:20 second Pec stretch (R)

:20 second Pec stretch (L)


Bench Press - 6/6/6/6

(Hit 2-3 warm up sets before you get to your first 6, weight should be moderate to heavy).


4 sets of:

10-12 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

30 seconds rest

10-12 Pec Deck

90 seconds rest

(Weights for both movements should be challenging from the first set).


4 sets of:

10 Dumbbell side Raises

30 seconds rest

8 Parallel Bar Dips

90 seconds rest

(Use the Dip machine in the back room if you can't dip your bodyweight. Use a belt to add extra weight if possible)


Complete 5 rounds of: