Day 2 - Strength & Conditioning (7th-12th May)


10 plank to press

10 scap pull-ups

(remember arms stay straight, if you aren’t 100% sure ask a trainer)

10 scap push-ups


Bench press 4 sets of 6-10 reps

(4 sec down, 1 second pause, up)

(Similar to last week, rest 1min b/w, stay safe ask for a spot if needed)

8-12 Bent over barbell rows (heavy)

12-15 Bent over reverse DB flys (light)

X4 Rest 30 sec b/w

EMOM 12 min

1st min- 6-10 tricep push-ups (on kB handles to get a deeper push-up, scale to normal if needed)

2nd min- 8-12 ring rows (elevate feet for advanced)

3rd min- 10 barbell curls

4th min- 5 Single arm DB shoulder press

20 AB mat sit-ups

20 Russian twists (use KB or DB)

30 sec plank


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