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Day 2 - Build Muscle (2nd-7th Jul)


3 rounds of:

300m Row

10 Scapular Pull ups

5 Light pausing Back Squats (pause for 5 seconds at the bottom of each rep)


Back Squats - 4 sets of 5-8 reps @ 70%-76% of your best lift.

:70 seconds rest between sets

*Tempo on each rep is 1 second up, 4 seconds down

Weighted Step ups - 15/15/15/15 (4 sets each leg)

*Rest as needed between sets.

*Don't alternate legs, do all 15 on one leg before starting the other.

*Set the step high enough so your stepping leg is 90 degrees to start.

*Dumbbell in each hand, challenging weight.

5 sets of:

8 Lat Pulldowns (use A-frame bar instead of straight bar)

:60-:90 seconds rest

4 rounds of:

20 Leg Extensions

20 Alternating Backward stepping Lunges (moderate weight dumbbells in each hand)

15 Seated Rows

*Only rest where needed, even if you need to break up sets to complete the number in good technique.

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