Day 2 - Build Muscle (19th-24th Mar)


3 sets of:

10 Banded Good Mornings

10 Kettle Bell Swings


Deadlift - Build to your 1 Rep Max

*Use Trap Bar if preferred

*If you have a lower back complaint i still want you to work the deadlift movement, keep it light and work within pain.


Pull up - Build to your 1 Rep Max

Then: after a good rest complete, 1 set for max repetitions at body weight.

*If you can't presently do 1 Pull up, find the thinnest band you can complete 1 as your strength, then choose a band slightly easier to complete your Max Set.


4 sets of:

8 Seated Row

:30 second rest

10 Straight Arm Push downs (:02 seconds down, :02 seconds up)

:90 second rest

*Challenging from the first set.


4 sets of:

12 Leg Extensions

straight into

12 Leg Curls

straight into

20 Calf Raises

:60 second rest

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