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Day 1 - Build Muscle (5th - 10th Mar)

Throughout your training remember FORM AND BODY CONTROL.

To grow we need to stimulate the muscle with a heavy resistance, the more momentum you use by swinging your body around the less weight you are actually putting against the muscle.

If you find yourself throwing or flicking your torso drop the weight a little and maximise the stimulus.


3 rounds of:

6 Hand Release Push ups

150m Row (Steady, controlled strokes, focus on leg drive before arm pull).

10 External Rotations (each arm)


Bench Press - 4/4/4/4

(Hit 2-3 warm up sets before your 1st set of 4).


Build to a heavy set of 3 WEIGHTED DIPS

(Take your time warming up the dip before going heavy, get your elbows to 90 degrees).


4 sets of:

10-12 Pec Deck

:30 second rest

12-15 Tricep Pushdowns (Rope)

:60 second rest


4 rounds of:

Max rep Ring Dip (Parallel bars or Bench Dips are your option if you can't complete ring dips)

:30 seconds rest

Max rep Supine Row

:30 second rest

*Your numbers will naturally drop off after the 1st round, just make sure you're giving your best each set.

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