Day 1 - Build Muscle (30th Apr-5th May)

********DE-LOAD WEEK********

This week we will be dropping back on the intensity and volume, you should still feel challenged, but back the weights off from the last 4 weeks.


6 minutes of:

10 Push ups Plus

10 Banded Behind the head press

100m Light Row


Bench Press

4 sets of 8 @ less than or equal to 60% of your testing week


4 sets of:

60% Bodyweight Dips (60% of the max reps you hit on testing week)

:30 seconds rest

:30-:40 second Hollow Hold

:60-:90 seconds rest


Set a clock for 20 minutes and keep moving through:

8-15 Pec Deck

10 Cable One Arm Rows (each arm)

8-15 Plate Front Raises

8-15 Rope Tricep Pushdowns

15 Sit ups