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*NOTE* From next week will be re-starting the 5/3/1 Wendler Strength program.

I would like everyone to download the "Wendler Log" app and start setting it up this week as you're hitting your 1 RM's.

The Wendler Log is available free on the Android and Apple systems.


Build to a 1RM Bench Press


15/12/9/6/3 Hang Power Snatches - 40/30kg

For time.


"Linda's got the Runs"

200m Run

1 Round of:

10 Bench Press - 70/50kg

10 Deadlifts - 100/70kg

10 Cleans - 60/40kg

200m Run

2 rounds of:

9/8 Bench Press'

9/8 Deadlifts

9/8 Cleans

200m Run

3 Rounds of:

7/6/5 Bench Press'

7/6/5 Deadlifts

7/6/5 Cleans

200m Run

4 rounds of:

4/3/2/1 Bench Press'

4/3/2/1 Deadlifts

4/3/2/1 Cleans

Time Cap: 25 minutes.

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