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*NOTE* From next week will be re-starting the 5/3/1 Wendler Strength program.

I would like everyone to download the "Wendler Log" app and start setting it up this week as you're hitting your 1 RM's.

The Wendler Log is available free on the Android and Apple systems.



*12 minutes to find your 1 RM


Ninjas: EMOMx7: 12 unbroken HSPU Advanced: EMOMx7: 9 unbroken HSPU Intermediate: EMOMx7: 6 unbroken HSPU Beginner: EMOMx7: 3 unbroken HSPU *Complete as many reps as possible with Strict HSPU before switching over to kipping without coming off the wall.


6 rounds for time of:

2 Rope Climbs

12 Box Jump Overs - 24/20"

22 Air Squats

Time Cap: 16 minutes

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