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Work up to a heavy set of the complex:

Power Clean/ Hang Squat Clean/ Split Jerk

STRENGTH (5/3/1 pgm)

Shoulder Press


400m Run

20 Dumbell Snatches - 70/50lb (60/40lb) (Kettle Bell Snatches - 24/16kg)

400m Run

20 Front Squats - 70/50kg (60/40kg)

400m Run

20 Wall Ball Shots - 20lb-11'/14lb-10' (20lb - 10'/14lb-9')

400m Run

20 Snatches - 60/40kg (50/35kg)

400m Run

20 Kettle Bell Swings - 32/24kg (24/16kg)

For time.


CrossFit Uplift Opens Box Blowout

This year we are trying something a little different with the CrossFit Opens.

The Open Events will still be announced by Castro, there will still be a leaderboard, some people will still care a little more than others and Skinny will still be the first CrossFit Upliftian to attempt each workout.....But, this year we're aiming to give everyone a focus other than just ripping each workout up individually.

We have divided all our CrossFit Uplift family into 6 teams, these teams will be headed up by our 6 CrossFit coaches, Linda, Me, Nat, Henri, Mitch and Skin, your coach will be in contact with you over the next couple of days to fill you in on the in-depth details.

By being a part of our CrossFit community you are a part of this, it would be awesome if you got involved as deeply as your time allows.

The idea is that you earn points for your team; you gain points by:

Entering the Opens

Completing a CrossFit Games Workout.

Judging someone.

Cheering on others.

Dressing up for your event.

Finishing in the top 3 Opens and Scaled for each workout.

There will be a prize for the team that amounts the most points over the 5 weeks of the Opens.

Our MAIN EVENT DAY will be each Saturday from 9am - 12pm.

We will put on food and some drinks.

For you to get involved you simply need to turn up, socialise, maybe judge someone, cheer your mates on and hit your workout hard, you can come for the whole 3 hours or just 20 minutes....Easy!

Lets make our Opens experience fun! and help others enjoy their Opens experience along the way.

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