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About us

Club Revive has been a part of the Lithgow landscape for over 25 years, locally owned by families born and raised here in our community.

With our staffs combined 30+ years of experience in the industry, we are confident we have the skills to help you achive your fitness goals. We allow you the oppurtunity to set realistic goals and provide guidence and consistancy to ensure you reach each milestone. 

We believe heavily in training functionally, therefore our facility set up reflects this. Our gym can be divided into two distinct parts CrossFit Uplift and Club Revive. The CrossFit section is fitted out with everything you need on your crossfitting journey. Club Revive is also fitted out with a range of functional cardio machines, free weight rooms and pin load machines.


We are a Fitness Australia accredited commercial fitness center recognised as a CrossFit affiliated Box. We also offer a range of group fitness classes to help you along your fitness path. 


With all that said, our main focus is our service, each system and policy we implement here at the club is rooted in making sure our members feel comfortable and welcome as a part of our community. As well as our committed personal trainers, CrossFit coaches and group fitness instructors, we have recpetion staff available to answer any of your questions and inquires


If you need help send us an email at or click on the 'let's Chat!' button in the bottom left corner.

#Best community ever!

Talk soon!

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